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Deron Baker Some of the best Black Metal I've heard this year, and I've been listening / sampling a ton of music. This album really stands out. Favorite track: Daath.
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The Czech infernal legion SEKHMET is awakening again to its life after three years since releasing its last album "Opus Zrůdy" and this time it is far wilder and more dangerous! After ten years at the scene it is coming with a chain of penetrative changes which will introduce the new visage of the band.The new vocalist Lord Aegir vitalized Sekhmet´s composition and for the first time in the history of this band the texts are completely in English. Another change was made on the visual side which will be also presented on the graphics of the band. Nor the logo avoided the changes and it was re-designed by the master in his own domain- Christophe Szpajdel.

The year 2013 will be in the shade of "Words of the Master (Proverbs of Hell)" which is the name of the new album devoted to Ulvberth and Tronder Nefas,to both for personal friendship, favour and mutual respect.All music for the album was composed by Set and the second parts were created with the help of Warlord and Nekromancer, The texts were in the sphere of action of Master from the Swedish BESTIAL MOCKERY whose sinister vocal sounds in two songs.For the first time in the history of this band the clear backvocals will appear which does not mean that they will reduce the aggressiveness, contrary is the case!The album was recorded in Kavkaz studio thanks for which it gained the production and potential and it is unprecedential in the case of the Czech Black metal Scene.

"Words of the Master (Proverbs of Hell)" comes out on 1st July 2013 via Werewolf Productions as a CD and later also as an LP (in August)There´s no doubt that the new album will be a breakthrough not only by sound, music and graphics but it will also be the old honest blackmetal which will represent the new face of SEKHMET after ten years.


released June 1, 2013

First time in history of our band the album is available also digitally. It actually means that you can listen all songs for free without spending time on torrent network.

CD and LP version contain one more song ,, Proverbs of Hell ", which will not be available digitally. Anyway, thanks to all of you who will buy CD or LP version, as well as this electronic version.


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Track Name: Sekhmet - Black Witchcraft or Ancient Lore of Black
Smite the priest,
recite the spell,
chant the evil,
oh horrid curse,

Let the powers
from down below
now strike down
the ones above.

Witchcraft - ancient lore of black!
Witchcraft - with spells we attack!
Witchcraft - forever sworn to

Bow down to
the reapers cloak.
Before the scythe
all shall perish.

The man of the cloth,
soon the man of rot,
the herald of holy,
met hells-fires glory.

Witchcraft - the creed and deed of evil wicked crones!
Witchcraft - ram the pole and spill the holy blood!
Witchcraft - black tar on feathers once so white!
Witchcraft - the creed and deed of evil wicked crones!
ughh Witchcraft

The reverend stood paralyzed
in fear on the old stone-bridge.
The only river this minister
shall pass is the river of Styx

Witchcraft -Oh yeah the Witches fucking Craft!
Witchcraft - with spells we now attack!
Witchcraft - the creed and deed of evil wicked crones!
Witchcraft - ram the pole and spill the holy blood!
Track Name: Guide is Found
Bear – no more – this flesh
and purge – the silver – body.
Void shall enter the shell
shaped for an open entry.

What lies within
engraved by sin.
My essence yearn
for your return.
Eyes once shut
shall open up.
Under skin
calls my kin.

Yes oblivion stall beckon thee.
The static blood forsaken me.
Seep into the Kingdom underground.
Finally my horn - crowned guide is found.

What lies within
engraved by sin.
The world shall burn,
when he return.
Veins once shut
shall open up,
carve the skin,
cut wither shin.
Track Name: Daath
Burning on Gimel - not Zajin or He.
Passing under Tet - from Tifaret cursed Beauty
Behold Thagirion

From Asiyah, Yetzriah, - Briah foul mental air,
earth water wind - all must end in fire.

The Archangel of Cardinal Points
rising from the abyss to mundane chakra.

Atziluth Divine – reach the flaming gate.
False knowledge Binah-the crown leads back to Daath
Satariel and Saturn

Sitra Ahra, hi-ilan ha-izon
Alef Dalet Bet- Daath leads to the Crown

Sirius – Dog star lead
Sirius – Dog star lead!!!
Track Name: All Shall Bear Witness I.
But whatever fate that might - befall separate kings,
(The) principle of dynastic - succession remained intact.
The Death of kings - and the coronation of
their successors were - comprehensible episodes

in the cursed continuum of lineage.

Why did the death of the kings- leave the kingship untouched?
Because the murderers never dared - to imagine the throne empty!
Instigate death and only total death and have him crowned!
The deaths were the benchmarks of time phases

of a dynastic system yet unchallenged.

The death of a king registered - a break in time between
one and the other time stood still - the dynastic principle proved true,
alas the assassinations were only - episodes within the narrative of
the dynastic continuity - it left the king un-violated as a principle.
Track Name: All Shall Bear Witness II.
We, the accusers, shall hold
Jhve’s trial and execution public
for the whole cosmos
to bear witness and tremble
before its unfathomable cruelty

and un-revocable might.

It shall be this that kills him - in all capacities
by denying his status - as king and ruler.
The dynastic principles- shall be put to death.
Not by assassinations, - imprisonments or banishings.

But by putting Jhve as - the embodiment of kingship
to death in such a vulgar display
that the official public abhorrence
of the institution of kingship was expressed

and all shall bear witness to this advent!
Track Name: Age of Titans
We stand here waiting in the twilight of
both gods and men.

For a sun have been promised
and a son have been slain
upon the altar of …progress,
new blood covers the stained.

They say they have been praying
yet never kneeling.
They say they have been waiting
yet never longing.

Without sacrifice both within and without
no goals achieved - no wars be fought!

This be the age of titans
when the nifelheims shall stalk the earth.
This be the age of fire
when the new golden dawn shall fade.

For this is a new breed of fearless sons
blackest of suns we are.
This be the race of the merciless ones
race of the Morningstar.


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